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Threats by the police and fraud from (Oussama Dahak)

Threats by the police and fraud from (Oussama Dahak)

In this news, we want to highlight the situation with our former representative in Algeria, Oussama Dahak. Instead of returning the money and resolving the situation, this person began to threaten us with the fact that he would contact the interpol department and pass on to the employees some information about our organization that he received during the period of working with us.
He claims that:
1. At the time of the first meeting with our representative, he received recordings from surveillance cameras at the venue.
2. At the time of the first meeting, he took secret photographs using the camera in his glasses.
Also, this person has repeatedly declared his religion (Islam). He said earlier that Muslims do not cheat and do not steal, and that our money will be transferred to us, one way or another.
In the last conversation, he said that his faith (Islam) allows him not to repay the debt to those who damage his reputation.
Our company has questions: is the coverage and dissemination of truthful information about the situation to the public is a damage to the reputation? We don’t think so.
This person divides people on a religious basis and hides himself by religion, justifying his actions. Does Islam approve of such behavior?
Our company works with all people and does not ask what kind of person is of gender, color, religion, height or weight. We do not descriminate any of our client and representative, partner. We are all equal and we all have obligations regardless of religion.
The photo of this person (Oussama Dahak) was taken from open sources, not from personal correspondence and was not made secretly, this indicates that the photo is not private, anyone has access to these images and the person (Oussama Dahak) does not hide his identity. His privacy is not violated.
We want to advise all people who work or want to work with this person to take into account that Oussama Dahak:
1. Able to blackmail and threaten you.
2. It may not repay you a duty under the guise of religion.
3. In all disputed situations, does not use constructive evidence of his words and evidence, operates only with his worldview, opinions and words of some people, which he cannot prove.
4. Has some difficulty in controlling his emotions in moments that do not allow this. (Disputes, parsing errors, clarifying circumstances, proving one’s right or wrong.)
5. Can covertly collect personal information about you and take photos and videos, audio recordings. Later use this for threats, intimidation, blackmail.
6. Able to contact law enforcement, can harm you and your freedom, your business.
7. Repeatedly tried to mislead us, to distort the facts.
8. It can simply ignore you for a long time (days, weeks), it can block you for no objective reason.
Our company does not negotiate with blackmailers and people threatening us and our business.
We will protect our interests and our partners, clients, our reputation, even to the detriment of our finances and freedoms.
To anyone who doubts or wants to receive confirmation of each of our words, we are waiting for you in our WhatsApp , or you can contact by feedback form through our website.
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